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Can you imagine a childbirth experience without medication, without pain, serene, relaxed and shorter than usual?

The Gentle Method of Childbirth

If this is your first birth and you’re worried about how it will go or 
you’ve given birth before and the experience was not what you wanted,
it may be difficult to imagine the childbirth described above

HypnoBirthing can help you learn some techniques that will make everything go better and as smoothly as possible.

Another possibility is that this is your first birth and you’re feeling completely prepared for it. After all, you’re taking childbirth classes, have learned all about breathing techniques and visualizations, so you’re pretty sure your birth experience will be like the one described.

That's wonderful!

HypnoBirthing can offer some practical tools that will help you realize your  intentions and avoid unpleasant surprises

For further information, talk to your doctor or midwife or:
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Classes at Glens Falls Hospital and in Schroon Lake